You Can Offer Hope

You Can Free a Life

One life at a Time


If you want to change a country, start with its youth. And our hearts go out to the next generation of Moldavians who currently comprise one third of the nation’s population.


Transforming Moldova by equipping the new generation with leadership skills and reaching the abused and potentially trafficked through Education, Awareness and Advocacy as motivated by Jesus Christ


There is still a long way to go to reach the remainder of the nearly 300,000 students in the schools. And it cannot be done without your support. This task requires several kinds of partnerships, including financial, prayer support, and time


Moldova remains one of the poorest countries in Europe, despite the current prosperity of the surrounding nations. This in turn has forced locals to implement
less than ethical tactics. This includes exploitation of both women and men, boys and girls. The women and girls are exploited in sexual slavery, while the men
are utilized both for forced manual labor and organ harvesting. Our call is to start from the ground up. We want to create a generation of leaders that can pull their nation out of its current state.