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We met Marina at an orphan summer camp. She graduated from ninth grade and, as with all ninth grade orphans in Moldova, she had just aged out of the orphanage system. She was handed the customary $50.00 getting started money as she left the only home she knew and was expected to start living life on her own. God softened our hearts toward Marina and we decided to help her transition from the orphanage to life on her own in the city where we lived. Marina was very happy and soon after the summer camp we picked her up from the orphanage, rented an apartment for her and made sure she had all that she needed to begin the new school year at the local high school. We continued helping Marina through high school making sure her rent and utilities were paid and that she had food, clothing and school supplies.


Cristina is a nine year old who was roaming the streets of a town in Moldova with her little brother who was five. We met Cristina as we were setting up on our first day of VBS (Vacation Bible School) in the town’s square. She hanged around for almost two hours until we were done setting up. Her father left four years ago and she hadn’t seen him since. Her mom was working all the time and was rarely home. John was passing by them every few minutes as he was unloading equipment from the car. He would smile at them and would ask them something. The third time John passed by he gave them each a candy. They were so happy and giggly and they began to follow John wherever he went as he was helping the others set-up for VBS. At one point Cristina asked if she could help and John said “sure, here, you can hold on to this”, he was referring to holding a piece a string to the ground while he was getting some other things from the car. As Cristina was helping, John began to ask her questions about her and her family. Cristina and her brother participated that day at VBS and at the end of the program she approached John and thanked him for bringing such an interesting kids program to their town.

Pastor Vitalie and his wife
Pastor Vitalie became the pastor of a small church in the southern part of Moldova. When he started at the church there were only seven people in attendance. He had heard about our pastoral training and coaching program and got in touch with us. We walked alongside Pastor Vitalie for the next two years coaching him and helping his church grow. By the end of the two years his struggling church had grown to over 70 people. Your impact in the lives of lost souls is significant.

Victor is a young man who we met during one of our anti-trafficking presentations at a summer camp near the capital city; Chisinau. Victor like his classmates seat quietly in a chair inside an outdoor chapel on the campgrounds and listened to our presentation about human trafficking. As usual, after the presentation we take questions from the audience and many have asked different questions, but not Victor. His facial expressions seemed to change during our presentation and by the end of the presentation he was scootching down in his chair almost like trying to hide from someone. We noticed him but said nothing to him

After we have dismissed everyone from the chapel, some youth were still lingering around talking to us. But Victor seat in his seat and did not move. Once everyone was gone, Victor stood up from his chair, approached us and said: “Can I talk to you about something”. We said : “Sure, we’d be happy to”. Victor began to tell us about a young man in his class who was not present at camp that year, but who during the school year always came to school bruised and seemed to be hiding away. Victor began to describe to us the behaviors of this classmate of his and wanted to know if we thought he could be trafficked right there in the country. Of course we could not directly answer Victor’s concern because we felt that we didn’t know the situation in detail to make a judgement. But what we did, is we gave Victor the resources he needed in order to be able to help his classmate. We gave him the anti-trafficking hot line number where he could call and report a presumed trafficking case. We also gave him the hotline for abuse and domestic violence. Moreover, we put Victor in contact with other organizations in the area that deal directly with crisis management.

By the end of our conversation, we could see ‘hope’ written all over Victor’s face. He now had the resources and the tools necessary to help his classmate. Praise the Lord! God is using us; both you and us in this ministry in amazing ways ! You see, more than the information we can give, it is the ‘hope’ that we can rebirth in the hearts of these young people.


In the spring and fall of each year, approximately 30 people meet for a two-week long church planting boot camp. They are then sent in groups to plant new churches in the small villages and towns across the country of Moldova. Their focus is on the areas where there is no evangelical church, which includes 2000 towns across the nation. When you send us you make it possible for the church planting boot camp to continue its mission of training those who have a heart for the unchurched.


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