Hope Project

What is the Hope Project?

Over the past 6 years we have been seeking the Lord and working hard to create a church planting movement. To achieve this vision, we need a larger building that can accommodate our growing team of dedicated Moldovans committed to Jesus.


To connect people to God and help them find hope and a purpose.


To establish a Holistic, Open, Purposeful and Empowering Community Center for Moldovans.


To tackle human trafficking, social orphans, aimless people and a secular culture.

Current situation:

young adults ministered to every month. ​
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Our ministry center of 1077 sq. ft is being occupied every day of the week with the exception of Saturday.

  • Mondays: Young Adults Worship Service
  • Tuesdays: Two Interest Based Groups
  • Wednesdays: Three Discipleship Groups
  • Thursdays: English Club
  • Fridays: Leadership Development
  • Sundays: Genesis Church Plant

We believe in utilizing the space God has given us to provide a sanctuary for young people. As the Lord brings in more and more young people we are facing a good, but challenging problem, not having enough space to minister to over 800 young Moldovans.

Our dream:

Our dream for the Hope Project is to establish a place for growth through a Community Center in the heart of the city. We are dedicated to developing local leaders and empowering them to carry on the mission and vision of the Gospel.

Our ultimate goal is not only to plant churches but also to create a Church Planting Movement that will continue to grow and thrive long after we have left. 

Help us build the church in Moldova!

Project costs:

Building cost: $750,000

Building renovations: $100,000

Furniture/Equipment: $40,000

Partnership Opportunities:


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